Giorgio Delgado

10 Days of Learning

February 10, 2015

Lots has happened between my last post and now. From expanding my professional network and creating meaningful connections, to finalizing my product's registration page, to hanging out with really influential people. I'll summarize what has transpired.

Network Network Network

I've been jumping on any opportunity to meet tech enthusiasts and startup cofounders. One of the best events that I went to was the Startup Showcase where I met a bunch of cofounders as well fellow laurier entrepreneurs from LaunchPad.

Being a fitness enthusiast, I've got to say that OneSet took the prize for me. If you love working out and are always looking for cool workout ideas, then you'll love this app.

Other notable startups were:

Get Inspired

Besides the awesome networking events that I went to, I also attended two really great talks. The first one was a rather provocative talk by UW's Larry Smith on the mentality necessary to change the world. If you've never had a chance to hear him talk, I recommend this video.

Although quite abstract, his talk made each and every one of us question things we assume as fundamental truths, as well as realize that to make meaningful changes in this world, one has to be prepared to face very uncomfortable situations.

The second talk I attended was an informal chat through Bruce Croxon's past and current entrepreneurial endeavours. He discussed how he went about creating Lavalife, and what he learned. Lessons:

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