Giorgio Delgado

Be Adventurous

February 2, 2014

Does This count As A Selfie? Does This count As A Selfie?

I've made it my goal to write something every other day, and so far so good (even if this is getting published right before midnight).

I just got back from an amazing trip to Blue Mountain, and I've got to say that It was quite the escapade (this is why I took so long to publish this). Ski culture just has a great scene. You begin your day at the slopes, take a break here and there, and call it a day with a nice dip into the jacuzzi, all the while you plan for a great night out with some drinks. Then you do it all again, but with a slight tinge of a hangover.

The way I ride on the slopes is very representative of the way I live. I'm adventurous, and I feel everyone should be. Don't be complacent with the way you are or the way you view the world. Always accept a challenge, be it mental or physical and be humble about the lessons you learn. I can't imagine what my life would be like if I hadn't said yes to requests to do things completely out of my comfort zone, and the lessons learnt from being adventurous can't be replicated in school.

So go on out there and keep trying things that allow you to view the world from different perspectives.

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