Giorgio Delgado

Business Development Week

January 15, 2015

Besides the fact that I'm running on no sleep due to a family wedding, this whole week was spent developing my business idea.

I don't want to mention it yet, but I do have to pitch it to my class next week.

For those of you interested in starting your own businesses, these are the tools we were given to create rough ideas for our businesses.

Both the Business Model Generation & Value Proposition Design books will teach you the fundamentals to create LEAN businesses.

Another resource that I'm using right now is this book.

On the technical side, like I've said before, I'm learning web development through Udemy's Complete Developer Course. But my skills will only take me so far, and I hope I can meet a technical co-founder at University of Waterloo. So the advice here is; meet those that can help you create your product!

Since I no longer foresee any weddings or significant disturbances for the next four months, you will start to see more consistency in my blog posts (I'm considering a weekly post on Sundays) as well as a greater amount of work done. I'm behind on MIT's AI course but I should get a few weeks ahead starting next week.


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