Giorgio Delgado

Eliminating Dependance

March 12, 2014

One's own attachment and need for others to get things done on your behalf couldn't be any more counterintuitive to the concept of productivity and achievement. As children, our health and safety is solely determined by our parents. This inevitability molds us into dependent beings. We then grow up not having learned to rid ourselves of this unpleasing trait. And with dependance comes laziness - the destroyer of all ambitions.

As an example, my internship requires that I work with Microsoft Excel every day. There are a lot of processes that lack efficiency and could easily be automated, which would then allow people such as myself to work on more productive tasks. The problem is that everyone at the office lacks the time or the requisite proficiency to undertake such a project. With barely any prior knowledge in automation, I rid myself of the dependence on others by automating procedures myself.

Eliminating dependance adds to your own professional value. You become a much- needed commodity in very short supply. Not only do you become "in-demand", but you've created a virtuous cycle that produces more and more productive outcomes. The tough part is getting the ball rolling. Fortunately however, just like the laws of physics; once you get in motion, creative inertia will allow you to maintain forward progression.

All it takes to get the ball rolling is an initial commitment to say you've had enough with mediocrity.

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