Giorgio Delgado


April 27, 2014

We're all too quick to judge in this day and age. Perception is largely based on how we market ourselves in social networks with the intention of appealing to the masses - this has created a culture where first impressions are everything.

Subsequently, we often forget to recall that all of us live immensely complex lives, which are accompanied with beautifully unplanned ups and inescapably sorrowful downs. Our selfish nature pushes this idea away from our consciousness as we act under the precept that it's only ourselves that are surrounded by complexity. With this near- sightedness comes our quick-judgement on all sorts of things, be it big or small (perhaps someone responded to a simple request of yours crudely, or a thoughtful gift you made did not reciprocate in appreciation).

As a collective race it's each individual's responsibility to be aware of the difficulties that we all face. Instead of judging behavior simply at face value, we must try and be more understanding of the deeper roots to peoples' issues. One's seemingly beautiful life may simply be the product of a master- minded veil to disguise a world of insecurities and fear.

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