Giorgio Delgado

How Valuable Would Your Stock Be?

January 27, 2014

Yesterday I was performing a very physically demanding workout routine when I realized how much negativity buzzed in my head, "this hurts too much", "you can stop whenever you want", etc. In order to fight through this negativity I would tell myself, "my words have meaning, my words have meaning, my words have meaning". This inspired me to expand on what I mean by this:

Publicly traded companies are gauged on their future value. Thus, whenever a manager forecasts future outcomes for the business, and the company does not meet those forecasts, the value of the company decreases (the stock price drops), and so too does the credibility of management's own words.

So what if you were a company under the microscope? Would you be a valuable company? Or would your words be seen as an unreliable determinant for your future outcomes?

We always catch ourselves saying and promising things that never end up coming into fruition even though we truly meant what we said. Because of this, we begin losing our credibility - this would be the point where our share price would drop.

If you want to reach your goals you must stick to what you say. Write out whatever it is you want to do and then follow through with it. Reflect on the current path. Tweak your plan if necessary. Rinse, and repeat. A man's word is the currency by which he is valued. Don't end up becoming a penny stock.

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