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February 8, 2014

Like previously mentioned, I'm all about continual self improvement. But much like the show "Hoarders", I too have a problem with letting things go. In my case, however, it's information. The second I see a useful link, newsletter, or potential tap for knowledge I immediately note it down. For links, I save them into my reading list. Newsletters, I click on the subscribe button. But books, that's where the real hoarding happens. I always hear, or read about recommendations and invariably write them down. This tendency of mine has somewhat hindered my ability to stay focused on one task. I figured, then, that at least someone out there may use my ever expanding book list to better use.

Here are the current books I have in either digital or physical form that I have yet to read:

I did not bother showing the inordinate amount of finanicial academic research papers or other quantitative financial literature.

Here is the list of books I hope to some day read. I have split the list between finance and non finance books.

Non Financial Books

Financial Books:

And with this list, you can begin to see where my aspirations lie.

Hopefully this list gives you something to read, because I doubt this backlog will be cleared by me any time soon. As previously mentioned, I have another list of more technical books and journal articles. If you wish to attain this list, please contact me.

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