Giorgio Delgado

Paradoxical Intention

April 15, 2014

Some of the articles I've written here speak on a broader level; focusing on the main tenets rather than the steps to reach the end point in areas such as productivity.

To fill that gap, I'd like to talk about paradoxical intention, a strategy to conquer phobias, which prevent you from moving into higher plateaus in betterment.

The goal in paradoxical intention is to fully embrace whatever it is that's hindering you from improvement. For instance, if you are a chronic procrastinator, then a psychologist might prescribe paradoxical intention through full immersion into the deepest state of procrastination you've ever experienced (for a short period of time, perhaps a day). The twist is that you do this in a conscious mindset, and in the total awareness of your destructive actions you might come to the realization that you are numbing your capacity to think creatively.

If you are truly committed to overcoming some psychological hurdle, here lies another tool, albeit somewhat extreme, that could aid in your quest for advancement.

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