Giorgio Delgado

Parlez-Vous Anglais? (Part 2)

March 8, 2019

Link to Part 1

I've been slowly plugging away at parlez-vous and it's been a great learning journey.

I've been quite obsessed on creating a well-typed and functional server architecture using TypeScript and fp-ts, and I've got to say that things are looking quite promising. You can read through the code here. Note that there are no any types!

I'm just about finished implementing user login and authentication, however there has been some delay because I am still familiarizing myself with the "Elm Way" of doing things. You can see my progress with the front-end here.

On the product side, I've been thinking about ways to differentiate from current services like Commento and Disqus.

I think there's a lot of room for exploration in the realm of privacy-first services. The sheer quantity of data-breaches and outright disregard for privacy is appalling within current business practices. The consumer is beginning to understand the implications of such disregard and mistreatment of sensitive data. And I believe that the business landscape will need to adapt accordingly.

You'll notice that I have disqus enabled on my blog now, but this is only to get a sense of the UX of the service. It will be replaced eventually by parlez-vous' own comment system.

Till next time!

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