Giorgio Delgado

Reducing Noise

April 11, 2014

I've slowly come to the realization that true innovative thought cannot come until we've removed distractions from our lives, and living in an age where things left, right, and center are begging for our attention can make it all that difficult. Websites such as Facebook encourage us to divert our limited attention span in search of social validation (face it, we all strategically position ourselves online to look a certain way). This all accumulates into an unproductive waste of time, and it may not be your fear, but I sure as hell don't want to look back and wonder what my life could have been like if it weren't for the tantalizing series of shows (or other distractions) that kept me from pursuing my dreams.

Reducing this mindless consumption of information is pivotal in changing our mindset from consumer to creator. What I suggest is to slowly reduce the amount of mind numbing that you indulge in throughout the week. In one of my past articles, I discussed some solutions for reducing distractions. A problem that arises with the mentioned solutions is that unless you are not fully committed to your goal, then you'll find ways from which to divert yourself away from productivity. You must be willing to suffer through the work at hand, and perhaps instead of having someone ask you, "what is it that you want?", you should ask yourself, "what is it that I'd unduly suffer for?". Remember that nothing worth having comes easy.

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