Giorgio Delgado

Renovations 2.0

July 6, 2015

In an effort to continue learning more about technology and keep my skills sharp (and save some moneyz), I'm going to migrate from Wordpress to Jekyll / GitHub Pages.

This move also goes in tandem with my effort to become good with Git / GitHub so that I may have a public portfolio of my work down the road.

I just started playing around with Jekyll a few days ago and it seems simple enough to pick up after a bit of reading. Here's what the site looks like right now (this is the default bootstrap Jekyll deployment hosted via GitHub Pages).

Jekyll has a library that allows me to easily import Wordpress data directly into my blog but I feel like that's a learning opportunity foregone. Thankfully I found out about Scrapy; a Python web scraper. Hopefully I'll have some time to create a custom scraper that walks through the blog and have a nice clean JSON export feed that I can then convert to markdown. This already sounds overly ambitious ... but hey, why not shoot for the moon, right?

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