Giorgio Delgado

Renovations Almost Complete

July 25, 2015

I've been working on a few things all at once so progression on everything hasn't been as quick as I had hoped. Like I mentioned on this post, I wanted to learn something new and was not happy with the slow latency of my blog so I decided to switch over from Wordpress to Jekyll hosted on GitHub Pages.

git + python + blogging practice

The whole process of moving the site was awesome experience in programming and software management. I got good practice playing around with git as well as got to create a script that organized the XML output from a WordPress export into jekyll-ready content. Here's the repository if you're interested in how I did it (caveat: it is far from perfect but it did however get the job done for me). I'll write a more detailed post this coming week as to how the script came about.


- Fix broken links on Forty Eight. My python script may be able to solve this issue.

- Fix Navbar

- Maybe add search feature

- Link to my GitHub

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