Giorgio Delgado

Restarting For Efficiency's Sake

January 23, 2015

If you've been following my posts, you'll know that I'm nearly one month into my self development challenge, and I've got to say that there are some things I've learned along the way.

MIT OpenCourseWare Makes Me Lazy

Having taken Harvard's Programming Course on edX, I became conditioned to having a wide array of resources at my disposal. And I mean a wide array: The lectures given by David Malan were really interesting and engaging (not to say that Patrick Henry Winston's aren't); CS50x had hour-long tutorials that delved deeper into the lecture topics; there were short videos that discussed individual concepts; but most importantly - There was a massive community to discuss problems.

So lesson learned - a community (amongst other resources) is simply something I just can't do without. Thus for the sake of maintaining my sanity, I'm going to abort MIT's AI course and opt in to UC Berkeley's AI course on edX. From experience, having peers to work through problems will allow me to learn just as much, but in a much smaller timeframe.

The course doesn't start until February 6, which allows me to focus on both my venture idea and web-development class.

I Need To Work On My Presentation Skills

I pitched my venture idea to my University of Waterloo Entrepreneurship class. I believe I did a good job, but there is substantial room for improvement.

I get a second chance to pitch the idea once I've refined it using a business model canvas and value proposition canvas, as well as meetings with an advisor.

I'll soon be posting more info on my venture idea.

I Need To Become More Efficient With My Time

I can't help but think that Parkinson's Law is really applicable to my current circumstance. So for the next month I will make sure to follow more stringent rules and tools that will allow me to finish work quicker.


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