Giorgio Delgado

Self Development Challenge The Plan

December 28, 2014

In my previous post, I presented my goals for the next four to eight months. In this post I will discuss the details of the plan and how I will go about becoming a self-taught programmer.

Become a Proficient Programmer

In order to become a good programmer, I not only need to understand a few languages' syntax but also the mentality behind programming (i.e. sorting algorithms and the plethora of concepts that can be demonstrated on any language).

Thankfully, I've already gone ahead and completed CS50x (less the final project), Harvard's introduction to computer science course which introduced me to a wide array of instrumental concepts, such as efficient algorithm design, recursion, hashing, etc... Learning about Artificial Intelligence will provide me the opportunity to expand on this knowledge.

Additionally, I'm just about halfway through on Udemy's popular Web Developer course, which has taught me how to design this blog and understand web design concepts.

Become Knowledgeable in Artificial Intelligence

What most people don't realize is that Economics has a lot to do with Artificial Intelligence. Being an Economics major myself, it only makes sense to continue learning about a similarly interesting field.

In order to accomplish this, I will follow MIT's Artificial Intelligence course on MIT Open Courseware where I will complete all homework assignments and exams. I will treat this course as if I were a student paying full tuition for this course. As such, I have also gone ahead and purchased the required textbook off of Amazon.

Depending on how the next four months unfold, I may enrol in Georgia Tech's Machine Learning course via Udacity in order to strengthen my understanding in this field.

Become Capable of Creating Software Products

I've dropped all my university classes in order to focus solely on these goals for the next four months ... with one exception. I managed to sneak into University of Waterloo's Business Development course where I will get to meet and hear form successful entrepreneurs.

In this environment I will be able to ask as many questions as I want and flesh out my product ideas.


I hope to write once a week once the New Year begins where I'll discuss my challenges, what I've learned, and even post some of my work.

Finally, I may even enter a few hackathons here and there, where I'll undoubtedly be shown how much I still need to learn to even consider myself a competent programmer.

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