Giorgio Delgado

Some Updates

January 7, 2015

Artificial Intelligence

Prior to beginning the first assignment of MIT's Artificial Intelligence course, I had to decide which IDE to choose from. After some light reading, I was quite tempted to download WingWare as it has some features that I really like such as setting breakpoints and walking line by line through code. But seeing as I have already taken an introductory programming class using Eclipse, I decided I rather just stay with my current IDE and just learn how to use Eclipse efficiently.

Web Development / Programming Improvements

Through Udemy's Web Development Course, I have been Exposed to HTML, CSS, Javascript, jQuery, and now Twitter Bootstrap. I'm about 70% done the course already - what remains now are some lessons on server-side tools and frameworks such as WordPress, Mobile-First websites, PHP, MySQL, and finally some lessons on APIs.

As I proceed with the Artificial Intelligence course I'll also use resources such as DiveIntoPython and StackOverflow to overcome my inevitable struggles.

Tech Product Development

Today marks my first day of class at University of Waterloo's business development course. Hopefully by the end of the next four months I'll have a solid understanding of the requirements needed to launch a tech product successfully.


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