Giorgio Delgado


March 14, 2014


Although not [yet] recognized as a legitimate word within dictionaries, it has very real connotations. I'm sure you've experienced this in your life before; you're walking down the street when, for a brief second, you realize that you are just one life amongst billions of people with their own concerns. Suddenly, your problems seem minuscule relative to what everyone else might be going through. The fact that you're reading this means that you are rich beyond belief (we just choose to forget that there are people living on pennies a day because materialism keeps us from settling with what we have).

It's extremely humbling to think about this concept, and a rather sad reality that we don't consider this enough when making decisions. Add the mysticism of a life prior to, and after, the current one, and a sense of guilt emerges when we realize how self- interested everyone is.

Then there's the notion that those who seem inconceivably distant to us are only "6 degrees" away. Suddenly, quarrels with those perceived as enemies becomes one of life's logical dilemmas. We are all interconnected in some way, which eliminates any purpose for war other than greedy intentions and ulterior motives. It's a nasty thing what money can do to those who initially begin with well-meaning intentions. But I digress from the main point in this post:

You're just a walk-on part in everyone else's play.

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