Giorgio Delgado

The Starbucks Alternative

January 29, 2014

I'm all about continual self improvement. One of the ways I have tried to become a better me has been by waking up as early as possible in order to read for at least one hour per day. Brian Tracy introduced me to this idea and I promise you that it truly makes the start to your day a whole lot better.

This took me some time to get used to, but once I realized how good I felt every morning, I stopped pressing snooze and began to get out of bed almost immediately.

The Starbucks Alternative:

Reading for an hour or more at the start of the day gives you clarity and mental alertness from the minute you leave your house to the second you fall asleep - it's simply amazing. I haven't had a coffee in a while (although I will never fork over my tea addiction) all thanks to this life hack. So in a way, reading each morning will save you some money and keep your teeth white, all while you enrich your mind.

Knowledge Booster:

Just like a snowball, the small bits of reading each day accumulate to large chunks of knowledge. So preferably read something that you've always aspired to become more proficient in. Personally, I'll read for an hour or more about investing, and I'm sure that eventually I'll be able to make more intelligent investment decisions.

So give it a shot, you'll never know until you try it.

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