Giorgio Delgado

Unlimit Yourself

March 30, 2014

I have come to the realization that it's in our nature to limit our capabilities. All too often I'll hear people subtly diminishing their potential by highlighting some unfortunate past . Don't get me wrong, life does throw us some "unhittable" curve balls that may inhibit our growth, but in the grand scheme of things, we are the sole masters of our fate. It is up to us to define our story in whatever way we chose. Sadly, most people never even bother picking up the pen, but rather let time write a dull script.

Literature has been the proverbial kool-aid that's made me taste the limitless capacities of the mind. I can assure you that nothing, if done with commitment, is out of reach. One key habit that most need to change in order to fully grasp their mental capacity is negativity. We all have some negativity in us. When we wake up we tell ourselves we'd love another hour of sleep. When we go to sleep we tell ourselves how nice it'd be to not have work the next day. All of these seemingly harmless words soon begin to permeate our actions and deeper thoughts.

I thus present you with a challenge to help you become more positive. A good and psychologically effective tool is to use a rubber band as a bracelet and snap the rubber band against your wrist whenever any form of negativity enters your mind. By association, your mind will equate negativity with physical pain. Eventually you'll feel less impaired as you force only good things to pop into your head. These positive thoughts begin to transcend the metaphysical realm into your actual being by giving you more energy and ambition.

From there, the world is truly your oyster. You just need to start formulating a plan, which can be done by reading more and more. Feel the Fear And Do It Anyways is a short book that delves deeper into the repercussions of negativity and the much, MUCH, better alternative that is positivity. Books like, Rich Dad Poor Dad and Think and Grow Rich allow you to fill your head with the mentality requisite for a dream lifestyle (although I forewarn you to take anything written by Robert Kiyosaki with a grain of salt). And I'm not one to endorsee these books for I am yet unproven. But the alternative to great achievement and positivity is rather insipid.

Don't place limitations on yourself. Period.

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