Giorgio Delgado

Venezuela Needs Your Help

February 20, 2014

If you already haven't heard, Venezuela is virtually at the brink of civil war. The tyrannous government has ruled for over a decade now with noticeable revolt. But on this past February 12, the national holiday devoted to celebrating youth in Venezuela, the future generations of the nation went to protest the insecurity and corrosion of what was once the economic powerhouse of Latin America. Armed with just their voice, the youth marched in all the major cities around the country, and by the end of the day the government's national guard took to the streets to subdue the momentum and global acclaim that the youth was receiving. But the national guard did not have the right to subdue us. They broke constitution (as has been tradition for several years now), and jailed many of the protesters without reason, as well as murdered many for simply displaying their discontent for the current political rule.

Foto 2-20-2014, 8 13 50 PM A personal friend of mine who nearly lost his eye due to shrapnel

Fast forward to the days subsequent to the 12 of February and things have only gotten worse. The Venezuelan government, in response to having depleted its manpower and weaponry, has called upon the Cuban government for reinforcements. There are now Cuban militants walking the streets of Venezuela with the strict order of jailing or even killing whoever displays any opposition towards Nicolas Maduro and his communist rule.

Venezuela is no longer democratic. It seized to be anything near a democracy a long time ago.

Foto 2-20-2014, 8 15 10 PM Cuban militants landing at Venezuela's airport

The hottest place in hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of great moral conflict - Martin Luther King Jr.

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Click here for more information on the current state of Venezuela (read the top comment).

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